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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Commissions Info

If you would like me to translate something for you, it is always possible to place a commission. In order to do so, please email me at with a link to doujinshi/manga you would like me to translate and I will reply with a price quote. When placing a commission, please keep the following in mind:

  • The average rate for doujinshi/manga translations, that are going to be released on my blog is $1.50/page* ($2/page for private** translations);
  • The average rate for text-only translations is $1/page*, but you can receive a 10% discount, if you let me release the translation on my blog after editing it;
  • You have to send me the payment in advance;
  • A regular size translation (20-30 pages) will be ready within 2-3 business days*** after I have received your payment.

I can accept payments through PayPal and AlertPay and I will include my PayPal/AlertPay address in my reply along with the price quote. Please do not remit any payments to my mailing address, as I will not be able to receive them.

Other than that, I might be able to accept payments through other systems as well, so if you would like to use a different payment processor, you can always ask me about it.

*The rate depends on the amount of text that requires translation, thus the actual price may be a little lower, or higher;
**Those that you do not want me to release on my blog;
***Please allow up to 5 days for larger projects, containing 50+ pages.