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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

[SHD] Haijo Keitaichou Portable // Part 01

[SHD] Haijo Keitaichou Portable // Part 01
Released: July 06, 2011
Translated by: Kusanyagi
Commissioned by: Savich

Hello, everyone! ^^ Here you go with a new release and today it is yet another SHD doujinshi, this time based on a PSP game, called "Ken to Mahou no Gakuen Mono." Please note, however, that only the first part of this doujinshi is translated (the one on "Ken to Mahou no Gakuen Mono"), while the the second one (a different story on a different game) is not. I hope you will all enjoy reading it, and stay tuned for even more releases tomorrow!